FREE Advertising Does Work

An online friend gave me a nice bonus to try out Free Advertising For You and he was right about it being a super productive FREE website. I earned a free upgrade to Pro in just a few days and free entry into the 1K Club my first month, so I was sold on making it my main free traffic source.

Then I started earning FREE Cash Bonuses that made it even sweeter!

It's Super Simple

The first thing to keep in mind is everyone who sees your ad page is interested in making money online, or they would not be there. So create a presentation that catches their eye and makes an offer that is hard to ignore.

When I sit down to watch TV with my wife each evening, I open my laptop and go through the Activity Rewards one by one until I get them all checked off. So what isn't to like about getting paid cash bonuses for doing what I would do anyway?

Here is a video I made with more details. .


I have been a member of IBO Toolbox for many years and it just keeps getting better. This bonus is just one of the things I bring to the table for my associates that fill out their profiles and participate in the community.